About Vatba

Vatba’s main goal is to make transportation easier and faster and flexible for everyone while giving a fair share to the drivers for their earnings. At Vatba, we believe that the drivers also deserve more.

Vatba provides a full range of app-based transportation services for users. Our ride hailing platform provides tracking mechanism for both the driver and the rider. The rider can see in real time where the cab is. The app also allows users to share their trip to their friends. With an integrated emergency contact feature, Vatba has included calling and messaging feature to make it easier for the both the driver and rider to communicate and find each other. Every journey is safe because of the tracking mechanism and emergency contact.

The company aims to become one of the leading mobile transportation platforms by taking it as our mission to make commuting easier and hassle free for people to reach their destination. We operate with honesty and integrity to both the drivers and riders with better, reliable and cheaper service. At Vatba, we are building a culture that emphasizes on doing the right thing, all for the benefit of our riders and drivers. We maintain world class quality of service and high level of standards by complying with various government certifications and necessary clearances to ensure your security as a passenger.

Vatba continuously improves user experience and build social value while striving hard to establish a safe, wide-ranging and sustainable app-based transportation system for communities of the future. We are committed in collaborating with various policymakers including the taxi and automobile industry to come up with an innovative solution to transportation challenges with localized innovations that aims to provide an easier, faster and cheaper way to book cabs with just few taps on the app.

We are here to help you get from point A to point B. with easier payment methods and hassle free trips. Vatba allows riders to complete their trip cashless which is more convenient and safe. This also provide drivers the assurance that their trip will be paid because of our cashless payment system.

Grab the opportunity to experience the safest and most comfortable ride today. Just download the Vatba app, type in your pick-up point and destination and you are all set for a safe and enjoyable journey. Hailing a ride through the Vatba app is as easy as 1-2-3!